Baking Class

I attended baking class on 21st & 22nd June. At least I do have a fruitful weekend in my 2-months holiday! hehe. The classes were great. I learnt to make bun, doughnut, croissants & danish pastry. Chef Jun became my teacher & we had a great time together spent for baking. I do have a dream which I hope won't just be a dream in 5 years time.. I want to have my own bakery. And I met a sister who attended the same class. I told her my intention, that I want to open a bakery one day but I don't know how to start. She advised me to do it from home in the first stage. Ambil tempahan dari rumah je. She has been doing the same thing for almost 20 years, and only know she intends to open a cafe! What a great advise. And she even advised me the promotion techniques & tactics (^_^). Thanks kak!

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