Unexplainable curiosity

In 3 days time, I'm going back to the campus. In 1 week time, insyaAllah I'm going to frequent the hospital. It's not that I am ill, but i'll be embarking my clinical year journey. And seems like I can't stop wondering who will be my group members? because we'll be moving in small groups throughout the clinical years.

Sometimes, I really want to be with those I am used to be with. Friends who will keep reminding me of my obligation and responsibility as khalifatullah. Friends who will make sure that I behave as a true muslimah. Friends who will always advise me whenever i 
commit any wrongdoings. Friends who will always ask me to toe the line and not to go astray... Friends with whom I can laugh over such small and silly things, and with whom I can share my most petty problem problem without any hesitation and without having fear that I will be laughed at. Friends with whom I will feel strong in my attempt to be a true muslimah

When I think back, I can always be with these friends and have a good happy time. 
However if I want to accomplish my responsibility as a khalifah, 
I can't stay in the comfort zone all the time. I have to go out of my own cosy nest and mingle with the public. Be with those who need me most. Be with those who hate me most. 
Be with those who care for Islam the least. Not because I am a good muslimah, but if I can at least help them to realize how special they are to be a muslim/ muslimah, and how they can even be more special if only they truly observe Islam, then that would be more than adequate for me!

And yet i still feel hard to leave my cosy nest...

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