-from my friendster blog huhuu..-

hmm lama betul tak jenguk this blog. busy la konon huhu. having nothing to tell was definitely not the case. but i always wonder who read my blog? siapa? SIAPA? huu. of course i started to wonder when somone asked me "For whom do you write all these?" For myself of course! oh my such a narcissitic answer. when i pondered upon the question, i started to wonder myself "For whom do i write this blog?".

I guess i use it as some kind of a diary.. where i can say anything i want, and keep forgetting that it can be easily accessed by the public. Well you see, some people can talk non stop if only they were given the chance and lent the ears. And some people can really write to such an unbelievable extent if only they were given the space. And obviously that's me. Just don't mention that the stuff being documented are nonsense huu (like what i'm doing write now)

And to be truthful, i always hope that nobody would bother to even have a glimpse of this blog. -sigh- and discover how unbelievable i can be- babbling around nonsensely. and to realize that i started off in writing this with an idea in my mind, and now i am about to stop, without dropping a single line on the actual thing i wanted to write on -sigh for the second time-


Anonymous said...

hehehe i used to be like this too.. but then, i was like xpelah.. xde org bace pon xpe cos i can keep it as a diary.. biler setahun kemudian bace balik, rase cm best la.. tringat balik keadaan time dulu2.. hehe XD

Ummu Ameer said...

:) u r right, im such a self-centered, self-loving lady kot(& probably the same goes to you too hehehehe). anyway we grow, we learn and we look back at how far we have developed & matured after a stretch of time.. and that makes us feel warm inside :) alhamdulillah