Hari ini

Today is 27th June 2008. Today I create a new blog. I don't even remember how many blogs I have created before this.. Hopefully I will stick to this one forever =)

I wonder why did I change my blog quite frequently? Probably because I couldn't find a synchronisation between my true self (a cheeky & playful person), my lenient & relax writing style (terlalu selambe??), my own expectation of how i should appear in the public (polite, mysterious, and a garang girl)  and the public's expectation towards me (as a serious person). What ususally happened was I wrote something in my blog, then someone 
would comment that I was being too open, the next thing I knew was I deleted the blog!

1 thing that I really love is medicine. Then comes bakery. So you'll see that these 2 things will frequently come up in my writing. But then I am also a khalifatullah (vicegerent of Allah) & so are you!! yes you, i'm talking to you, jangan nak mengelat lagi. But people expect me to talk about serious issues regarding Islam all the time. I'm not saying that I shouldn't talk about that, but of course I am just the girl next door, with a pure intention to contribute to Islam in my own small ways and work towards improving myself -sigh- i'm not that capable after all but hey at least i have tried and I am still trying.. so should you, right? Then, what else left to be thought of? walk with me buddy =)

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