When 2 roads diverge

Into MOship for more than a month.. I just cant decide what i want to do after this.. A part of me want to further my study and become a specialist.. That is what ive been wanting all these while.. But a part of me vote for an easier life; starting my own GP or perhaps open my own bakery, have ample time to spend with my Ameer Faheem, travelling, reading, gardening, baking..

Gosh i just cant decide!!!!

Life is treating me well Alhamdulillah. I work 4-5 days a week, i dont work long hours and i get to go home during working hours (after ive finished rounds), to cook, water my plants, do laundry, or even do grocery shopping! The only downside of it is abang is always away at work haihh. He's a paeds houseman but i think paeds posting is not that bad now. They do get 2 days off in a week.

I can even teach ameer faheem to read! Suprisingly he can sit down and read! He can read alif ba ta till kho now. Abc..not yet. He can count till 10. Probably not as advance as other kids but that is really an achievement for me and him :) alhamdulillah. He likes to speak english though sometimes i cant understand anything hahaha i think because he watches english cartoon. He can read doa makan in full, he is very cunning, sometimes asking for things in a cute way such as, "mommy, faheem nak milo boleh x? Boleh x mommy?"

If there is 1 thing i cant wait right now.. It is to settle done..but of coursr many things have to b done before that can happen.. :) may Allah ease

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