A different world totally

Sometimes when i talk to my colleagues, i feel like im an alien coming from a totally different planet huu. Probably because they talk about movies and outing and travelling when i am more interested in discussing about pinggan mangkuk and comforter and house appliances and recipes and kids! Oh my i really think i have entered the world of makcik2 T_T.

Today i finish my time to think on how can i keep our house spick and span. Probably i have just accepted the reality that now we dont have a maid anymore T_T... Abang and me; we are both a bit OCD in housekeeping. But truth is im tired of having to vacuum the floor every single day, spring cleaning the kitchen every single day, plus thousand other things including doing the laundry, cooking and taking care of ameer faheem. On top of that i have to look good for my husband and smell nice as if im a celebrity doing nothing other than sitting at the dressing table testing which perfume smells the best and which hairdo makes me look cute and adorable haha.

Having an active 3 years old boy is another thing. I tried my best to keep his room clean but he is capable of making his room look like a tornado-hit area, without even trying! Oh man we are not yet talking about a boy who comes home sweaty and smelly and dirty after a football game. Im telling you im anticipating that!  ~sigh~

We manage to exclude his bedroom from our territory. At times i dont even bother to clean his room haih. There was 1 time he ate oat bar on his bed and the next morning i found out that the crumbs fully covered his bed. + ants of course huu. There was another time he ate chocolate cake (im telling u he is a cake lover), and smeared my white cushion. Or wipe his dirty hand on my white curtains! Just how can anybody explain the frustration im facing??

Oh ameer faheem...
I dont want to become a monster jst because of that reason. At the same time i dont want that to be the reason for leaving my house in such a mess. So i have to find a strategy on how to work out things.

Ill update later when i find one…

Gambar bilik dengan kekotoran level 1 (mild)
Wait till i post the pic of a level 5 mess!!

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fara said...

janganlah kak maryam merisaukannya haha sebab saya berani cakap rumah saya adalah 4x lebih semak daripada bilik faheem.kak maryam cuma kesemakan di bilik faheem, saya all over the house.sometimes nak jalan kena kuis lego,dolls children books shoes.ntahlah rasa letih bekerja xde surge nak mengemas :(