I hate oncalls! And i hate abang's oncalls :((( abang is working night again and again the house becomes unbearable.. Abang must b doing some magic such that i cant live far from him, not even for a second. Mcm kena minyak dagu pun ada huhu.

Harap2 abg masuk admin lepas ni, blh kerja office hour je. Xpun g klinik kesihatan.

Today i bake a cake. Tp jenuh larang faheem usik. He has been opening the fridge all day long and dug his little fingers into my cake each time haihhh. I hope i wont get nightmare when i open the fridge and find out a big chunk of cake is missing huuu... Make me feel like i desperately need a big fridge.. The 2 sided one with multiple doors so that he cant open the top door. I have to rearrange the shelves and other foods each time i want to stuff the cake in :((
Abang kata sabar dulu, tunggu pindah kedah baru beli so that we dont get the trouble transporting a fridge to kedah. Aaaa lambatnye lagi huu....

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