Taking 1 small step..

Today i work night shift while abang work day shift. I always hate that. I hate waving him goodbye, i hate staying alone at home without him.. I send ameer faheem to his nursery, as usual. I always do that. I send him to the nursery despite me not working during the day.. Because i find it very hard to take care of him alone when abang is not around.. And i dont want to become a monster mommy. So today i spend my time in a bakery shop- selling bakery stuff, and i clean my cupboard. Guess what? All my baking ingredients have expired!! Of course. Reading the labels and brands left me melancholic. Those are the ingredients which i bought in jordan.. 2-3 years back. That is how long i've stopped baking! I plan to start baking again..

And my childhood dream to open a bakery.. Probably now is the best time to do it. So ibought few baking gadgets but being stringynon that.. Thats the different between men and women.. Woman play it safe.. Eventhough while planning to start a business haha. Goodbye books and all the guilt that come from not reading them.. I do want different things in life..

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aindbest said...

kayuh pelan2 batul... ♡♡♡