Mesti syumul!

Syumul is a word best used to describe Islam. It means as a whole. It is just the right thing to do once you consider yourself a muslim, you have to be Muslim in every aspect of life. You dress properly, u talk nicely, u purify or heart, u have a good connection with Allah and others. A perfect aqidah leads to a sweet akhlaq and perfection in Ibadah. Though it is never easy to be a perfect Muslim inside out, one can never use that as an excuse not to try at all.

My housemanship training for the past 2 years has been a good one, medically speaking. But it has also changed me into someone I don't like and gave me a life that I despise.

So yes I have been telling myself since forever that I want to change. I want to change in a 'syumul' manner. I'm starting slow but I do hope I will continue to progress.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, here goes...!

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