New thing

Today I mark another new thing in my life. I join shaklee. So yes I'm a shaklee distributor. So this will be my 'entertainment' for the time being. I have always wanted to start my own business, be it a bakery, boutique, clinic or whatever but Im yet to achieve that. so I guess there's nothing wrong in starting small and safe. I've been using shaklee product for quite a while, I started with esp when I first started housemanship. It was such a wonder, then I introduced abang to it. Abang liked esp also because it gave us the energy we needed to continue working but of course sometimes I was not that rajin to prepare him the drink each morning huu. Then I bought meal shake for ameer faheem. He loved it also, but then he loves almost anything.

Now that ive finished my housemanship, I am more serious into health and beauty stuff. Who doesn't want to be beautiful with flawless skin? And who doesn't want to be complimented on their youthful look right? Truth is I always enjoy it when everyday patient asked me again and again what is my age, or whether I'm a true doctor or just a student, or that I'm lying to the bone when I say i have a 3y/o kid hahaha. Semua perempuan pun cmtulah suka kna puji :p

Starting from there I seriously made my own research on how to look young always. I mean what are the food that I have to take, the supplements that I need etc. I was somehow attracted to shaklee mostly because of the price; it is quite cheap compared to stuff in pharmacies, and of course they have great testimonies which women always want to believe haha. Abang is a bit skeptical though. I'm telling you I had a hard time asking permission from him, and when he finally says "yes" I don't want to ask much. Abang beat muka seposen jugak bila wife dia suka suruh makan vit shaklee haha

To be continued...

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