Ramadhan approaching

Today i feel different, because today i'm fasting. I havent fasted for quite a long time, with the busy schedule most of the time i dont plan. I always miss sahur, but when i go to work most of the time we dont manage to eat anything also. Patutnya berniat puasa je terus.

Now that ramadhan is approaching i am actually doing a marathon for puasa ganti huhu. Damn last minute. Our ramadhan for the past 2-3 years, i can say... Meaningless :( we work like mad. We dont wake up for sahur, we dont have proper iftar. Sometimes i just drink a glass of plain water at 9pm to break my fast, or grab a date. We dont go for congregational tarawih, and that was such a loss. Occ we get to go to bazaar ramadhan, of course in a hurry because work finished late and magurib was approaching or we were in uurry to start pm shift. Eidulfitr was the same. I was postcall on the first day of raya. I remember abang urging me to come back at 7am so that he can join the eidulfitr prayer while my MO refused to let me go till 8am. I cried the night i did oncall because it was very melancholic to listen to raya song while i had to work attending a ward full of foreigners. Luckily abang came to accompany his weeping wife haha. I then slept till noon. We didnt shop for baju raya, no raya food, so went back to my parents house where we continued to sleep and faheem could play with his relatives. Sedih tgk budk lain ada baju cantik, while our faheem wore an undersized jubah from years back, so no raya photos also huhu.

Sekarang dah berkira2, nak plan for ramadhan. Nak ambil sunnah sahur daily and iftar early. Nak stock up the fridge with anything necessary. Nak bawa faheem pergi tarawih. Nak khatam alquran dlm ramadhan. And nak baju raya! Nak hias rumah juga utk raya haha besarnya cita2. We are human. If ever we fly to the moon, im sure we always want to come back and smell the earth and grass. That is fitrah.. :)

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