How did your parents met?

Finally i went through my SPA interview yesterday. I went out as early as 6.45am, hoping to avoid the shah alam traffic jam. It was kind of like a suicide.. i (of course) didn't prepare anything, I haven't read any malaysian newspaper for many months, and practically don't know what's going on in the country huu. Medical knowledge is also something not to be depended on,hey I graduated almost a year ago, and later on indulged in baking, trying to forget that I am actually a doctor. The night before, i prepared my resume in such a haste (it was a half-page resume haha, I don't have anything interesting to write in it)

I went alone, leaving Ameer Faheem in nenek's care. When I arrived there, I was the second last person to register. i guess everybody else were more anxious than me thus the early arrival. I met Azrul (an UIA batchmate who happens to report duty late, just like me but with a different reason). The officer incharge (a person whom I kept dealing with when I was still in Jordan), asked me when did I arrive from Jordan for I was 'weeping' due to sleepiness. (kalau mengantuk mesti mata berair, hidung jadi selsema, pelik huu). it's the jet lag, i couldn't sleep the night before. He checked my documents and finaly gave me my nombor giliran.

One by ome was called into the interview room. The first person was in for about 15 mins, the second one was nearly 30 mins. I sat beside this Indian doctor (who actually graduated 18 months ago!!!! She stayed with her husband in Australia and finally decided to come home and get a job. Kes sama je haha). She was of course nervous, takut kena shoot medical Qs huu, berkarat dah rasanya. I wondered what took them so long and said to her, "This is not good. I thought the later your turn is, the shorter the session will be. It's the other way round!"

Whenever a person came out of the room, we bombarded them with Qs. Ada yg kena tanya sapa ketua pengarah kesihatan. Siap tanya pengarah tu orang mana huuu. Adushhh itupun aku tak tau, terus SMS asma who was at home to check things out for me in the internet. Mostly they were asked about current issues (which I fail too). Nasib baik la diorng ni bgtau, skrg ni byk kes dengue, rotavirus etc.. Some were asked about vaccination programme, TB, how to do CPR etc

I was the 6th interviewee. I came into the room, wore my best smile, handed my resume and certs. There were 2 interviewers, a gentleman Dato' and a lady doctor in her 30s. Both were nice. I was asked to tell about myself.

Dt: So your parents both comes from selangor?
Me: No. My father is from ipoh, and my mum is a sarawakian
Dt: Sarawak? What does your father works as?
Me: A. blabla
Dt: How did she meet with your mother?
Me: They both studied in UK, that was where they met
Dt: Kitak pande sik klaka srwk?
Me: Boleh dikit2 aja'
Dt: Sarawak area sine?
Me: errr are you a sarawakian too?
Dt: No (then he laughed) yalah sama.

Lepastu dari ckp english terus bertukar ckp sarawak, chit chatting. yes, isu semasa ntah kemana, formal interview pun kemana huhu. Turns out he was from exactly the same village as Ummi ;p
Finally he said to the Dr, "Ok, meidcal side nak tnya apa?" It was so short, she asked me how to interpret an FBC result. that's all and after half an hour I went out of the room. I think everybody must have thought, "Oh wow, mesti kena basuh habis la, setengah jam interview!!" Hehehe. I told them not to worry, they are very nice :) Alhamdulillah. i've done my part, and I leave the rest to Allah..

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Syi said...

Alhamdulillah.. rezeki ada anak kot. Good luck akak!