It's late, I'm tired but the brain refuses to shut down. We received a happy news earlier today.. a POSITIVE pregnancy test! Definitely not mine ;p i have one more day to be spent with my little boy with lovely brown curls.. before I leave him for 5 days.. ;( It's hard, yes it is.

Induction will be in Ayer Keroh, Melaka InsyaAllah. I've tried hard (hard enoguh) to arrange for accomodation for Faheem and bibik, obviously I failed. Finance is certainly the big issue. I don't want to spent RM100++ on hotel room per night totalling in approx RM500 for 4 nights. Using the money to shop for biyuuuutiful dresses is certainly a better option, isn't it? Oh a shopaholic mommy zzz....

Takpelah faheem, nanti kalau ada rezqi, kita g holiday bila daddy balik ok ^_^ InsyaAllah.

Been busy sewing (not again???) and finishing my photobooks. 3 actually. 1 for our wedding, 1 for Faheem's first year and 1 for memory in Jordan. Hopefully they will be ready by the time abang comes home- will be a treat for him definitely!

Faheem currently adopts this habit of saying 'Ya Allah' gaya makcik makcik tua. Anytime, anywhere. Sometimes he laugh when he thinks he actually says it too much, to the extend taht we say "enough is enough, faheem". Oh dia berzikir rupanya :) Kalau berjalan terjatuh, kalau makanan tumpah, kalau kaki tersepak barang... simply anything. And many time, it is continuously repeated for no obvious reason, in the car. Faheem... faheem..


-hazen said...

bagusnya faheeeem!

Ummu 'Umar said...

kah kah kah sangat comel!

Belle said...

ya Allah~