Induction ends tomorrow!

I purposely stay up late tonight, to emphasize that tomorrow will be my last day of induction and I'm going back home! haha. No more talk for tomorrow, so I guess I can start to unwind ;p

We'll be having a test, obviously I'm in no mood to study. I just want to start packing huuu. I've planned my weekend to be spent with Ameer Faheem.. before I leave him again starting on monday. I expect tagging period will be hard, and how I hope I'm all geared up to face it...and finish it at least in one piece T_T

Nothing much to be documented except that I am extremely missing my other half T_T

I am actually surprised that I love reading my own blog, compared to others'. Oh the narcissistic me is blooming fast!

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Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum kak maryam

i love reading your blog very much. to be honest, i just think u're very special muslimah.

sangat istimewa dan suami kak maryam sangat bertuah ^__^

sangatlah banyak bg saya inspirasi walaupun sy masih blum kawen. doctor and at the same time, rajin masak, menjahit dll. any tips? ~

for me, all the characteristics that a nisa' should have :))

have a great day,dear sis!