Faheem and mummy's busy weekend ;D

Yesterday I brought Faheem to the swimming pool again. Balik dari swimming pool, his abdomen became very distended. Everybody at home was curious, and asked me what did he eat. "Oh he drank gallons of pool water" That's a true story

This morning I brought him to Cheras for his music class.... and had to endure his non-stop "Ya Allah" throughout the journey hehe. It's really cute, he knows how to pronounce it in various tones, to suit to different conditions ;D He even says it when he yawns, and feels sleepy!

This evening, Ameer Faheem and I have a date with mummy's BFF :DDDDD mummy sgt tak sabar!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to spend the day with Tok (daddy's mom). Sunday is also a shopping day! A hectic weekend for Faheem and Mummy :)

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