That was the best flight! Ever. Reasons? There were only 4 passengers onboard, and my bag was the only checked in bag. I waited in the luggage collection hall ALONE. Malacca airport is a sleepy one. Guess what? There was no taxi around. Luckily the officer helped me to call a phone. Haha. Definitely nicer than Kuantan airport, and definitely quieter. Sunyinya airport ni. I wonder how does the shops survive. Oh I am waiting for the taxi which will arrive in 30 minutes time...

Kenapa naik flight when imalacca is only 2 hours drive from KL? Because my 2 talian hayat is not here- abah and abang. If only (if only) anything happens such as the engine won’t start or it smells (or any possibility that my hyperactive mind can think of) I simply don’t know what to do. Have I mentioned earlier that I don’t even know how to get access to the engine, let alone know what to do next should I succeed in opening it. I only know how to open the boot. Pathetic.

Even if abang is around, I don’t want him to drive me anywhere far. I’m the type of wife that loves to say, “Abang, SLOW sikit” when the husband is driving. Abang always replies, “Abang bawa 80kmh ni....” Hahaha. I have this car phobia huuu, that is why I prefer to fly to Kedah and Kuantan. Sometimes it is cheaper to fly with airasia and fireflyz as compared to driving.

Puteri Resort is a big resort Alhamdulillah. There is a big waddling pool which I’m sure Ameer Faheem would love. Oh suddenly I miss that little boy that much. Life isn’t fun at all when the fun isn’t shared with loved ones.

There are 91 of us. Few things set me apart from the rest of the group. First, I’m the only local graduate among the overseas graduates. Most of them are from Indonesia, a good number from Ukraine and Russia, and few from UK, Australia, india and new zealand. Secondly I’m the only one with kid hehe. There are few pregnant ladies though, guess that makes me look older than the rest ;p. That’s a lie. They actually couldn’t believe that I’m a mommy to a I year ++ boy. Third I’m the only one who have just attended the spa interview and got the induction straight away. Most of them have been waiting for 4-5 months... Ya Allah how He makes things easy for me.. But overall, mingling around is fun, the talks are boring yet beneficial, foods are abundant, tight schedule (8am-11pm daily) is tiring, internet is problematic (it’s such a rare occasion to get a connection) and I got Hosp Sg Buloh!

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

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