Been busy sewing for the past 1 week. Jahit apa? Alter 3 of my english cotton maxis (which have shrunk to become minis after ample washings) using a mix and match technique, finish sewing my purple long dress, make 3 skirts, 2 coats, 2 mini coats emm what else? After sewing all these I still have few more 4m-clothes waiting for their turn to be sewn huu. Ni semua guna kain yang beli dulu2, ada yg dapat hadiah tapi tak sempat jahit. One of them ( a dirty purple chiffon) was bought 3 years ago together with the material for my wedding dress! Huuu... Oh how I dream of sewing a satin night dress with elegant cowl neck! Sabar.. sabar.. Ni gara2 ternampak kakak's unfinished gold satin blouse in her sewing room! Of course la ternampak sebab asyik g menjahit kat rumah dia tu huu. I keep returning to this one tailor whose shop is just few minutes drive from home to do jahit tepi. She is really interested in my 'products' and offers me a job at her shop! Huuu balik nak jadi doktor, lambat sangat tunggu KKM panggil, dpt offer jadi tukang jahit pulak~ hehe. will try to upload some pics later ;p

I usually retire at night in a state of severe exhaustion. Ameer Faheem is acting a bit weird lately.. I think he misses daddy. He sleeps with me more frequently (although not every night, and I try to put him in his cot when he's fast asleep). He likes to hug me and sometimes he cries sadly for no apparent reason. Air mata berjuraian, siap kesat sendiri kanan kiri. Muka cebik2 comel betul ;p his hair is becoming unbearably curly (terkejut abang tengok waktu skype dengan dia, serabai habis), and I really can't wait for abang to come home and snip them off huhu.

Bibik is a headache to me huhuhuhuhuhu... Semoga kehadiran bibik bukanlah wasilah untuk aku jadi garang :( I speak to Faheem in english and she speaks to faheem in madura. She said to Faheem, "Haaa put kabur. Puuut, puuut". I was like, "What???' Only later I found out that it means, "Kucing lari.". I sternly told her, "Bibik, kucing bukan put. Kucing lari. Bibik jangan cakap kabur." Faheem will spend more time with her when I work and I am adequately worried~ Now I am seriously considering the idea of sending him to kindergarten huuu. Moga Allah murahkan rezqi Ameer Faheem...

Semoga Allah rezqikan abang utk grad cepat... kami ingin abang cepat pulang..


Hafiz Nabilah said...

Kak Maryam you are so gifted in every single thing ke? hehe, pandai sewing, baking etc. Suka sangat :)Hopefully bibik will learn English soon. haha

Ummu Ameer said...

huuu bolehkah berharap sebegitu?? seperti impossible T_T takdelah gifted pun nabilah, when there's a will, there's always a way insyaallah :)sewing, baking everything can be learnt kan!? ;))

aindbest said...

teringat 1st time mkn kek batul..time skola rendah kot..if i'm not mistaken..
~~kek sape yg baling kt dinding then dinding bole pecah?..haha..