I do have a big problem

Entering 3rd trimester, the sinister monsters in the first trim have evilly started eyeing on me haisyy..especially the bloating. it's geting worse nowadays, now i start to miss my 2nd trim huu. but my big problem is, it seems like eating rice induce nausea..again huuu. i rarely can finish my proper meal, and i only have it once a day. but.. my bigger problem is.. it seems like i crave for secret recipe cake everyday huu or even fruit juice beverages... which are SWEET :( this is bad news..for my pancreas..and absolutely bad news for our Ameer.. malnutrition la pulak nanti huuu. for the time being i still try hard to be nutritious, but i know i'm losing the battle :(

after 1 whole day of doing nothing yesterday (other than listening to talks of course), perhaps i should work out something today..

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