updates on 3rd trim :D

It's friday 19th November 2010, and today Ameer turns 28 weeks! (Today my groupmates; Imah and Hafidz are getting married too! congratulations to both of them) ALHAMDULILLAH :) Dah besar dah Ameer ye, but the best part is when he is being very responsive nowadays :D I'm currently enjoying my holiday till Sunday, and Ameer usually get extra attention when I'm on hol, because i get to read storybooks to him hehe. I usually start by choosing a storybook whch I am interested to read (haha, seems like reading to Ameer is just an excuse for mommy!),then I'd call him by his full name, he will move. When I read, and he remains quiet, I usually will stop and ask, "Ameer, are you listening? Or you have fallen asleep?" Most of the time he will responds and give my tummy a nudge! That is so nice!!!! Now I really wonder, can a baby understand?? But why are born babies not as responsive as they are when in the womb? Weird weird and extra weird. Probably they are too busy trying to adapt to the worldly environment huh? Sunnatullah, and it is really amazing. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar! Ameer, mommy is giving you another 10 weeks to grow big in the womb (he must at least reach the weight of 3kg before coming out! Ameen :D), then at 38 weeks old, please try hard to come out ok. *P/s Ameer takyahla duduk sampai 40 minggu :p mommy dah tak larat ni ngee~

Currently in the mood to shop for Ameer's books huuu. But books are not that cheap :( Abah still buy medical books for me, and I'm spending our money on books for Ameer. What a nice flow! Haha. Rasa nak grad cepat, nak duduk dengan abang, nak ajar ameer membaca, nak buat projek menjahit macam2, nak hias and kemas rumah, nak pergi melancong...nak jadi TETAMU ALLAH huuu banyaknya impian...!!

The downside of 3rd trimester is.. I feel extra tired (exactly like the 1st trimester huuuu). I feel like sleeping most of the time. okay okay this not laziness! This is for real. (tapi kenapa ada orang mengandung larat buat banyak kerja?? Berat2 pulak tu huuu) I crave for cakes- secret recipe to be specific. I think I can eat it everyday huu. And I can't carry Safiyya around that much. Having her on my lap is not comfortable either, since the tummy is big, and I'll end up feeling some discomfort and having difficulty in breathing. Yesterday she wanted to stand up so much, that I held her up in a standing position. She rested her feet on my tummy (I know that it looks and works perfectly well like a shelf or a step haha), then we asked her, "Haa safiyya pijak sape tu?? Safiyya pijak adik ni!!" hehehe. The abdominal wall is also itchy due to thinning process, i feel like scratching it all the time huu. Kakak asked whether I have started using the anti-stretch mark cream, but actually I've never thought of buying it before huu

Safiyya sleeps little but laugh much! And wants to be carried around all the time! Haissy this is not good huu. And she surely scratches a lot- garu semua tempat.. kalau abang tengok, mesti abang cakap, sebiji macam mommy! Because i have this habit of scratching eventhough it is not itchy and there is no visible lesion hehe. And abang keeps asking me "Ayang garu apa lagi tu? Gatal ke?" garu muka, mata, telinga, garu tangan semua lah, but it is not really scratching, it is more of a mild rubbing. But safiyya really scratches! sampai luka sana sini huu.


saya afi. said...

akak, safiyya tu anak sedara ek?

Anonymous said...

maryam..nnti gune anti stretch cream tau..n bila gatal kat perut,jgn garu..nnti jd permanent visible scar..x cantik plak perut nnti..take care yaa!! =)