1st day of holiday :D

Waa today is really tiring, and it is only 11am! Am cleaning our bedroom, disposing most of the stuffs; specially emptying my wardrobes..semua gara-gara nak sumbat masuk barang Ameer huuu. a room that was already full, has been upgraded to the status of suffocating, once we put in Ameer's cupboard, cot etc. And now I'm filling up his cupboard with......... secret! hehe, will tell later.
Am also packing his things to be brought to Kuantan. Approaching 7 month of pregnancy, I have to be ready anytime, should he decide to come out and see the world earlier than expected. Naudzubillah~
Irritably waiting for the courier service to deliver some parcels~ kalau buka pintu lambat sket, diorng dah pergi :( Am also waiting for the workshop people to arrive and repair the aircond. It is unbelievably hot without the aircond
This morning I auscultated Ameer's heart using the bell of stethoscope, and it was wonderful to listen to!
Rasa nak tido je skrg~

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