Amoi Piyah

Amoi Piyah aka Safiyya Amani loves to read book nowadays! Tapi cara baca dia lain sket.. First she will sit in someone's lap, and a book will be opened before her.. Nobody needs to say anything, becuase in few minutes she will start reading it by herself (of course mulut dia bising la dlm bahasa yang tak difahami haha). She knows how to hold the book properly! And then her grip will get stronger and stornger.. In few seconds her lips will start to 'muncung' as if to kiss something, and she will hypersalivate (air liur start berbuih2 then melejer2 terus), and beware, in no time, she will pull the book closer, and her head lower down and........................Nyummm..... dia hisap buku tu!!!! I guess that's her only aim haha.

This morning amoi came to our house, and her mama brought her into our room. Maka ternampakla buku Ameer.. so we were excited to let her 'read' a book.. Nenek pun cakapla, "Eh Safiyya baca buku adik (Ameer)" and chup!! Safiyya imprinted something on it hahaha, tak sempat Ameer nak jilat2, Safiyya yg hisap2 dulu haha.

Cute sgt3 piyah ni!!!! I really shud ask the dad to snap some piccies of her while she's reading ! :D

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