Hopefully Ameer will read this one day.. Today is 11th november 2010, and today Mama bought him a cute book, entitled "My first....". Sgt cute!!! Perhaps later I'll snap a picture and put it here, just so that it'll forever remain in our memory :)

This morning abang sat for his final exam before having 2 weeks holiday, although we are far apart, I'm feeling very happy :D because??? he will always be available hehe

Today is 13th November 2010, I don't have much too write, afteer 1 week of doing nothing paediatric-ky, I guess, I should start to focus uh-uh. This laziness is really debilitating, I can't do much when it's around, I get lazier and lazier by day huuu. Masuk paediatric semakin tak bersemangat... :(

Yetserday I weighed 58kg!!!! 14kg increase so far..this is definitely not a good thing huuu. Abang cakap, "Ayang lebih berat dari abang!!! Bolehlah ayang angkat abang lepas ni :D" Errrkkkkkkkk!!! Abang, ayang berat sebab ayang angkat baby lah + swimming pool baby huhu.

Seriously sangat malas!!!! Mengapakah?? Nak g ward pun malas.... :( Rasa nak tido sentiasa, ke banyak sangat syaitan yang hanging on to my eyelashes?? euww. Abang is enjoying his 2 weeks of holiday, and frankly I AM JEALOUS :(

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Lazy BUM said...

semoga baby akak sihat ye :)