It's getting crampy

I'm talking of his swimming pool, I think the size is progressively becoming inappropriately small for him huu.. and the result? He kicks me more! Haisyy. He's cephalic now (head down position) and I hope he will stay that way, I doubt that he can turn back anyway huu. My abdomen doesn't look that big, but it feels very compact uh-uh, which really makes me wonder whether the liquor is adequate..
I haven't attended antenatal checkup for 2 months (unfortunately the hospital admission fell on my checkup date), which results in me not getting my 1st ATT yet, and I'm 29 weeks pregnant! Huuu. Inilah medical student :( I can't wait to have another scan on 6th Dec, I'm excited to know his weight!

Today I attended a programme "What's next?" It's a programme to enlighten us on the route we should take after graduating. Alhamdulillah it was a beneficial one, and it provided me with answers which I have been searching for all these while. The key to success is planning, and up to date, I'm still not sure what to do after housemanship. I mean of course I have to work to serve the JPA bond huhu, but I will to my best not opt for the chronic MO status huu. I try to search within me, what do I like best? It seems like nothing is outstandingly interesting other than biostatistic, how lame and nerdy does that sound? But the downside of it, which is losing my clinical skill is making me uncomfortable. Haissy. I'm also kind of interested in O&G, but the thought of smelling liquor and doing VE for the rest of my life is not that convincing as well huu. Ortho? totally out. Paeds? It gives me nightmares looking at those poor little things.. knowing a sick child can really make you cry.. IM? I can never properly detect a murmur or listen to a fine crept. Surgical-based? I don't need a hectic life with long hours of standing (standing during the ward round is enough to make me insane that I always imagine myself doing round using an electric wheelchair, now don't force me to stand for hours in the OT!), no thanks. Haissy... Making decision is definitely not easy, just how can I plan????

My long term plan- to graduate MBBS and rest for a while :D And I'm feeling contented with it hehe

Yesterday, I visited Nurul's baby in the ward :) Alahai comelnya baby boy tu, 2.8kg :D Boleh kawan dgn Ameer nanti k.

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