I was warded since last night. Today is November 2010, and I'm so bored and alone in the ward. They have in total 10 beds, no curtain in between. Last night there was a kakak who accompanied me. A very nice lady who offered me almost everything...her food, her 3-in-1 milo, hot water etc. I just couldn't thank her enough. Luckily I brought some food from home and a bottle of mineral water, I've never imagined before that I'd eat thm up here huu. This morning another lady, a Chinese was admitted, was also in labour. I'm in the antenatal ward after all! First that kakak was wheeled into the labour room at around 8am, then the Chinese lady was wheeled in at around 12pm, and I was left completely alone. It is now 2pm, both of them had delivered their babies Alhamdulillah

We were on our way to Kuantan and had just passed a black MPV which skidded I guess, causing a short traffic jam. Subhanallah He knows best, not more than 10 minutes later, our Myvi spun few times and ended in a drain at KM 75.5. I guess it was the slipery after-rain road and perhaps going a bit over the speed limit. When it started to spun, the first word that I managed to shout was "Ya Allah" repeatedly. The first question that came to mind, "Is this how my life is going to end?" and my 1st concern was "Ameer, are you allright? Oh Allah, please don't let anything happen to him." The car was spinning fast, I saw the road, then I saw the trees on the road shouler, then I saw the smoke coming out of the engine I was scared but rational enough to crouch my body forward so that nothing will touch the abdomen huu. When the car stopped (and it was tilted with me a little bit on top and the driver's seat lower down because that side was in a drain) I shouted to Ah-long dude to get out fast. "Tak boleh buka pintu!" she whined. I tried mine and it was also stuck. So i rolled down my window, asked her to do the same and I jumped out of the window. At that time, I didn't even think of the possibility my abdomen get stuck haha. I jumped onto the grass. Just imagine, I was wearing a jubah, and when I jumped out, my legs were stuck in the jubah. I tried to stand up but fell down again, so finally I just rolled myself on the grass and partly crawling to get away from the car as fast as possible. I think when I was 3 to 4 metres away,only then ah long dude managed to come out. Even the pakcik who stopped by later said to ah long dude, "Kawan awak ni cepat betul dia keluar dari kereta" haha tak padan dengan mengandung

After some 10 minutes when the car appeared safe, somebody helped to take out our things. I reached for my hp, informed Abah and Abang. I didin't want to inform Ummi as I knew she would panic huuu

At that time, I was still very worried about Ameer. He was not moving (he moved actively just before the car spun). So i poked and poked him. Luckily among those who stopped their car awas a nurse in her 50s. she asked me whether there was any abdominal pain, I said no and she offered to take me to the nearest clinic. I asked her whether they have CTG, she said yes. I sat down to wait for the whole affair to settle down, and after 30 minutes, Ameer gave me his 1st kick. Well one can never imagine my feeling at that time.. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

Finally I asked the workshop people to send us to Hospital Bentong. I went straight to the screening room. By that time, my body has started aching, especially the left side of the neck where the seatbelt was initally placed. There was quite a huge swelling. After the nurse checked me, they asked of ah long's whereabout, to help me to register for ward admission. I was shocked

Masuk ward?? That was the last thing that I wanted, especially in the middle of nowhere. Siap tanya soalan bodoh, "Perlu ke?" and the nurse snapped at me "Perlu!". I knew best not to argue although my rebellious side yearned for a fight. I did all these for Ameer, May he be in the best of care, where continuous monitoring can be done and where help will always be available should anything happen

Then a Dr came and did a scan on Ameer, Alhamdulillah he was fine.. and guess what??? His parameter corresponded to the age of 27 weeks, memang la besar baby mommy n daddy ni :D

In the ward, I slept quite early and when they came to check on me and baby, it was like in a dream. I couldn't open my eyes and just let them do anything huu. I later realized that the nurses organized my things properly (earlier I just put my bag on the bed huu)

At around 2am, I couldn't sleep anymore because Ameer was too active and kicked me non stop huu. He was active up to 4 am. Plus my body was aching more and more. I smsed abang. Abang called me and we talked for some time, till subuh. After subuh I tried to get some sleep. At around 9.30 am another nice lady doctor came and checked on me. I asked when could I be discharged. She said at night. I didn't have any toiletteries with me. Abah was shceduled for flying that day. ummi asked me to get a taxi to Kuantan. my neighbours had visitors who brought them breakfast that morning.. and I cried and cried. I cried so badly that everybody (the doctor and nurses) made a fuss about it, mengada2 betul mommy nih. Dr asked me why did I cry, i said nothing. She thought I was upset when she said I could be discharged earliest that night. she said my hemoglobin is low. But she will try to discharge me that evening. Pastu mengadu kat Ummi and abang.. Pesan kat nurse mintk tolong belikan toiletteries, then she asked, "Awak takde sape2 ke kat sini?" I said No.. lg .. in the end the radicare auntie helped me to buy those things..mandi and gosok giig waktu nak solat zohor huuu. Nak sgt minum Milo (i'm the type of person who don't drink plain water at all) but I don't want to burden the radicare aunite and the nurses, so I just cried.. I think I cried for almost every single thing

At that time, i really hoped that abang would be around, I wanted to fly to abang and leave everything behind. Probably i should adopt the motto "life is tough, but I'm tougher" but apparently that didn't happen. The only things i did was to cry and break down huu

at around 3.30pm, they informed me that I could go home. As I had nobody around, they asked the PPK to settle down my hospital bill, and the nurse called the taxi, to bring me to the bus terminal. Abah called me at that time, but I was very upset, and I was crying some more. I had 2 big luggaegs with me plus my laptop bag, i just didn't know how to carry them along. Another problem was, there was no bus from Bentong to Kuantan. It is a very small bus terminal, they only go either to KL or Temerloh. In the first place I was thinking of going back to KL (I was given 4 days of MC), but then I would have to find a way to go back to kuantan later..what a fuss. So I was determined to take a bus to Temerloh, then change to another bus to kuantan. Suddenly when I was at the ticket counter, the ticket seller asked me where did I want to go.. I answered "Kuantan". She said it's ok, she would arrange it for me. So she called her friend (a driver of Transnasional bus) to pick me up at the terminal (his bus was not supposed to stop by at Bentong), and he said fine, since they still have empty seats.. Alhamdulillah, again He eased my journey.. That ticket seller was very kind, she even invited me to put my big bags in the ticket counter, since I had some 1 hour before the bus would arrive and I might wanted to go somewhere else.. Allah dah tolong banyak sgt3, semua jadi mudah, tapi masih nak bersedih2 huuu. So Ameer and me boarded the bus and at 10pm we arrived in Kuantan Alhamdulillah..

as for now, I'm using my MC to the most :D Attendance is important, but I guess my Ameer is much more important..I don't want to tire myslef too much, enough with the histry of prem contraction, the accident.. and now I just want to rest for few days and let Ameer grows healthily insyaAllah..


Nadiahz said...

Salam Kak Maryam.

Take care ok?^^

P/s: Saya silent reader akak. I love to read your stories. Hari ni baru muncul diri hehe :D

useryna said...

Salam Maryam.

Terkejut ni. tapi lega semua selamat. take a good care of u n lil Ameer. Will pray the bestest 4 u. saya sangat faham kesusahan berjauhan dengan suami, sebab saya pun pernah rasa berjauhan msia-germany.huhu.Tuhan je sbg pelindung dan peneman kita.

Btw, saya ni tadika-mate Atiq.Saya pun silent reader jugak.hehe.

Anonymous said...

would u mind asking..where's that ah-long?why didn't he wait 4 u?

Ummu Ameer said...

hehe ah-long dude is one of my best buddy, not a 'he', i think she has one of the nicest name: jauharutunnur but i'm so used to calling her ah-long dude, and she calls me boss-dude hehehe. and she didn't wait because she had to attend class, as compared to me who was given 4 days MC :D OMG, ah-long dude must envy me that much!!!

Ummu Ameer said...

uikss silent reader semua dah tak silent nih... :p

aliaa said...

wuish k.maryam didn't know you had an accident. Glad everything is take EXTRA care of yourself since i'm looking forward to meet you and ameer later insya Allah=)

Ummu Iffah said...

Semoga cepat sihat n tabah selalu...

admin@10thbatch said...

ah long dude?
ingat sape tadi..

Farahdina said...

Assalamualaikum. (I'm ur silent reader too).
take care ye kak maryam,moga mommy n Ameer sihat.saya pun pregnant, almost the same weeks as yours.Takut sangat baca experience akak excident time pregnant.Anyway saya link blog akak dengan saya ye.Take care n semoga tabah.