Antenatal checkup

I'm resorting to this blog because I have nothing better to do.. or rather I can't think of anything better to do.. Blurr sgt3.. It's 12am by the way..
Alhamdulillah, I've finished my presentation for Paeds; the seminar & PBA. And today, I went for my antenatal checkup after a lapse of 2 months huu. The nurse asked, "Checkup awak yg terakhir bulan 9?????" And I had to produce a stupid a bit of explanation huu.

Wanted to do the 3D/4D scan.. but Ameer was facing my back, and furthermore, he covered the face with his unfortunate! saje je Ameer ni huu. Bukan apa, I just want to have an idea of whose look he's going to take after..muka abang atau me?? Haruslah baby boy mengikut muka abang hehe although I desperately want my babies to look like me ngeh3 (ehemm [clearing the throat] i'm not commenting on abang's handsomeness or any such things.. it's just that the idea of mother-baby look alike seems fun :p abang will always look handsome to me insyaAllah even when he develops thousands of wrinkles 1 day hehe)

Well the Dr asked me to poke and push the baby here and there so as to change his position but I didn't think much can be done , as have been said before... it's really stuffy and crampy in there huu. But his weight is now 1.4kg Alhamdulillah, an excellent performance so far, Ameer!

Tapi Ameer ni sangatlah selalu tersedu-sedu huu. Interesting huh to note that a mother can really differentiate the in utero movements..? :D It's an amazing discovery for me as well. I know when he kicks, when he stretches, when he turns his body.. and definitely when he has hiccups! When the Dr was doing the scan, she suddenly smiled and said "He's having hiccups, can you feel that?" I said "Yes, selalu sangat2!" She just laughed and said "Orang tua tua kata, budak sedu bagus" and I replied, "Bagus supaya cepat besar ke? Hahaha"

I have another checkup this monday, and I hope Ameer will be just fine.. just fine..

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