I've been contemplating for quite some time
And I've been pondering over my life lately
I got caught in the web of confusion
I try to imagine the hectic HO life yet adequately paid, and wonder how satisfying everything is
I try to taste the sweetness of victory.. perhaps for those who have just received the title of a Dr
I try to picture a life so carefree
And I try to put on the shoes of those who are needy
I try to search for sakeenah that has long gone
And I talk to those who are suppled with wisdom
And I came across this poem that extremely depicts me:
Do not doubt I love you, eventhough
My actions may have undermined my word
We could be as connubial as birds
Had I not led my wild longings show
I cannot help wanting to devour
All the world that comes before my eyes
But more than all the world is that which lies
Within the precious circle of our bower
I'll do anything to keep you with me
our love will last as long as you have will
Despite my untamed need, my love is still
A rock against the surges of the sea

And I came across a song to which I shed tears
I am now a decided person :)

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