Speaking about compliance

Yesterday I bought nasi goreng kampung + fried egg + ikan keli for dinner. I used to enjoy those foods, but last night I ate onlya quarter and threw away the rest.. The appetite just wouldn't cooperate.

I can be the least compliant patient any doctor can find. During the last antenatal checkup, Ameer's parameters were a bit worrying to me.. his abdominal circumference corresponded to his age of 29 weeks, but his other parameters were that of 32 weeks gestation... Being a paranoid medical student, I started to think of asymmetrical IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation), and the worst was, I felt guilty.. then I started to think of the anemia that I'm having, and my poor nutritional intake.. is it affecting Ameer?

First I can' take the iron (ferrous fumarate), because I'll start throwing up once I take it. So I stopped taking it once I entered 2nd trimester. Then recently Ummi bought me Iberet (ferrous sulphate) which should produce less GI effects such as nausea vomiting, because my hemoglobin (Hb) has progressively dropped to 9. Worse, Iberet also induced vomiting :( so i took one tablet only.

last week, once I got back from the antenatal checkup with that worrying finding (the Dr wasn't worried at all huhuu), I took the 2nd tablet huu, and ended having nausea and vomiting, then I slept with an empty stomach, and woke up in the middle of the night, vomit again due to gastritis plak huu. and I skipped the class next morning.. abang told me to avoid taking the iron tablet but to eat red meat, kerang and such to increase the Hb. The problem is, I don't have the appetite to eat rice + lauk huuuu. Sometimes I do cry because I feel so stressed throwing away my meal all the time. The irony is, I can eat cakes and biscuits and crave for them!! Abang pulak asyik suruh mkn kek rather than not eating anything, but cake is not nutritious! What a dilemma

When you are pregnant, you really do something for the sake of the baby. If I'm not pregnant, I won't worry this much, in fact I won't worry a bit to substitute my rice with cake for each meal huu (except that I'll get cardiovascular diseases later in life haha). And I actually have lost some weight lately.. I don't even need to wait until delivery :( Probably I should buy the supplement Neurogain which they sell in the clinic huuu...

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Jentayu said...

try having toasted bread. you can also have scrambled eggs along.
(i overheard my mom talking to a pregnant woman who happens to lost her appetite...hehe). it's better than eating only cakes. hope this helps =)