My other half.. mngarut apa lagi ni??

I took this pic when one day, I noticed abang using the jubah as a plate to put some sort of muruku, while concentrating on the laptop screen.. I called him, snapped the picture and threatened to put it in the blog, while sighing "Kenapa abang letak makanan atas baju????"
He just grinned..
And yet..
How I miss that grin
how I miss that smile
and oh how I miss to see him laughing again
and listen to that cheery note in his words..
I simply miss every single thing about this man!

Bila tgk org ramai2 kahwin, rasa nak kahwin dengan abang lagi. Nak kahwin berulang (1000x) kali dgn abang, knowing that insyaAllah it's a decision that i'll never regret :). abang, jom kawen!


Hazwani said...

i had to laugh to myself when i you said nak kawin berulang-kali bila tengok orang kawin..i felt the same thing, too..and the fact that u also feel the same proves my sanity sebab qayyum ckp i sewel sbb fikir mcm tu..huhu..qayyum is so not the man in the novel..i wonder if any man is..

ad. Lucidus said...

...i lol'ed at your post & hazwani's comment.

(@hazwani: dude, honestly, men in fiction/novels =/= men in real life...huu)

Tsk tsk, you ppl...

Ummu Ameer said...

there are many characters in a novel, i'm sure u'll find one to match w qayyum hehe.

dude ah-long we're not progressing tsk..tsk... and another weekend will b gone huhuuu

asma' said...

honestly i couldn't quite grasp how big a sacrifice it is fo ryou to be away from your muruku jasben :D
but now lepas kawin i totally get it!
its all that little thing he does isn't it, that we wives miss the most when our husband's not around.
may allah grant u patience and lots of rewards!

Ummu Ameer said...

yes asma' :) congratulations on your wedding!!!