Birthday Mommy???!!

Tak sangka pulak the pevious post gave rise to few controversies huuu. Ada yg bg motivasi, ada jugak yg menempelak haihh, but thank you to those responses and responders regardless of their nature huu. Being me, of course i can just be blunt, but truly I learn.. as how I always like to put it, as I walk through life, I like to collect and keep those things that are useful, and I can just discard the things that I don't need :D Abang kata dia kurang jadi panas baran sebab terpengaruh with my way haha.

It's a habit I guess to complain. I am dramatic most of the times, but truth is not as bad as that :D a fact that is too familiar to abang, so don't worry that much hehe. For example extending my study, it is such an impossible feat to be accomplished haihh. In UIA, we don't have such thing I guess. And I nearly complete 3 out of 5 postings, so I don't have any other option but to move on :p Abang is the jack-of-all-trades, really. After we got married, abang dealt with the university transfer, and he got it. I received an offer letter to join JUST, sraightaway entering Year 4. I am the dumb one really, I didn't even know how to deal with JPA so the opportunity went down the drain. I was called to the Dean's office when JUST faxed the letter to UIA, they were curious as never in the IIUM history such thing happened before huu. And then he dealt with the univ regarding my elective, I don't know how he did it, but I managed to have a holiday during my elective, and graduated with an evaluation form written 'a good student, eager to learn bla.. bla". And then abang requested for marriage leave from his univ, and currently he requests for the paternity leave. I REALLY and REALLY wonder how can he do such absurd things huuu, but that's abang. I think he really knows how to deal with things. And sekarang abang gelak2 je sindir, saying "Nak tangguh HO pun tak tahu prosedur, ada hati nak tangguh belajar!!!" haha. Yelah, isteri abang ni tak pandai buat apa2 huu. But the fact that I am really deprived of the mood to study is for real :(

Complaining to abang all the time? Oh that's a must! And if you wonder, what do I complain and nag and whine about every single day, my answer would be, "Nothing much. Hari2 aku nangis2 cakap rindu kat abang" And he complains about the same thing to me, so I guess it's fair and square, we are equal :p

So back to the real topic, I didn't even remember that today is my birthday until I received a bunch of messages wishing me a happy birthday huuu. And it didn't hit me that hard as everybody was just saying "Happy Birthday" until abang wished me "Salam ulangtahun sayang yang ke 24....[cont]". What?? 24?? Am I that old? huuuuuu, terasa tak best plak birthday ni huuu.


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

its nice to have a gentleman to do things for us.

aliaa said...

choo..chooo...a train pass by bringing greetings from me with loads of birthday wishes to you..


I think you've achieved more than a norm 24 year old gal. You're

-a doctor to be
-mommy to be
-a good wifey