Exam will be this coming monday.

Did the antenatal checkup yesterday, paid a good amount to have the 3D pic of Ameer, alhamdulillah we got a peek view of him.. but I was left blank not knowing muka macam sapa haha, but surely he's chubby. Yang sangat pasti hidung dia kembang. Ikut sape ntah :p Ummi kata macam hidung amoi piyah!!! Things are not going on very well inside the tummy, but still Alhamdulillah for His bounty..

But there goes my dream to go to Jordan, nobody want to issue a medical clearance for me.. As for now I'm pathetically waiting for abang's return huhuhuuu..

Allah knows how much I want to give birth to him, the contractions are giving me severe discomforts, and his tiny legs are poking me hard (this is most painful!!!) , and my back is screaming for some justice, it is really painful :(

And Allah knows how much I want him to stay longer, gets stronger and gain more weight in the womb! He's now Alhamdulillah 2.2kg -smile, smile, smile- :D

I dream of getting an electric wheelchair huuuuu

Piyah has started on her weaning diet!! And I haven't met her for more than 1 month, that's how long I haven't gone home huuu....

Above averything else, I want abang, abang and abang!

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saya afi. said...

bestnye dah boleh tengok ameer. huu