Bolus infusion of motivation

Alhamdulillah I am finally home :D was making a plan to at least feed the brain with some knowledge of medical flavour this weekend..and guess what? was greeted yesterday (upon arrival) by such THICK medical books which abah has just bought huuu. Ahh there goes my leisure time for baking..down the drain ngee~ Once I was rebellious when we were asked to use Nelson's TEXTBOOK of paediatric (mind you it's not the ESSENTIAL version, but rather the one you would use to become a paediatric consultant). I was not going to be a paediatrician, so I claimed. Then we were asked to use the thick Apley (the one that can impart sudden death to an average built dog once you throw the book to it), definitely the rebelliosity recurred. Despite that I managed to soothe the feeling, telling myself that should I buy the book, I have no other option but to pursue further in Orthopaedic Surgery gah~ And now.. as Kanski's Clinical Ophthal and Habif's Clinical Dermato which weigh 4kg each meekly stare at me in the face (I actually weighed them!!! considering that I have to meticulously calculate the ATPs needed to pull it out from the book rack, put it on the table, open it and flip through the extra-many pages, and the ATPs which I have to reserve for putting it back on the rack after reading it... not much ATPs left precisely for the brain to carve in the infos huh?? That's basically Dr Raja's theory haha) I guess I don't have much choice but to be docile and appreciate them. Be frank, the very thought to be a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist scares me out of my skin..what a meek life huu. Probably I should just let the idea sink up to the sacral level and undergo complete calcification...

ENT I personally perceive as a little bit more interesting compared to the rest of specialized postings.. though I know that I flunk the anatomy part excellently- no doubt..but at least I get the adrenaline rush just by being intimate with Snell's Neuroanatomy again, Alhamdulillah :)

And I don't know which ghost of either Kumar or Clark is possessing me right now that I feel so high spirited to read the book haha and definitely can't wait to embark the journey of final year huu (napela bersemangat melampau ni??) Basically because I can't wait to graduate!!!!!!!!!!! huuu. How I really hope I can join my colleagues doing the housemanship........... (hint2x)

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afif said...

ENT is the best! enjoy study..