Hotline for babies :p

Surrounded by pregnant mommies :) That's me.. my phone number dah jadi hotline :p Gara-gara ibu-ibu mengandung minta nasihat.. takpun minta tolong translate/ interpret the findings in the pink book (buku follow up pregnancy) setiap hari pasti ada hehe nasihat dari 4th year medical student yang entah mcmne reliabillty [grin again]. I come to understand the responsibilty of a doctor since I was in the matriculation (oh awalnya??) I think simply because there isn't any doctor in the family. Family abah, family ummi... penuh dgn org SENI- businessmen, accountant, architects :) Maka budak matric medic pun jadilah utk mereka rembat and consult for FREE :p The enquiries arrive anytime, despite in the wee morning hours.. A doctor has to be ready anytime, and give to the community..insyaAllah.

My housemate is pregnant. My sister is pregnant. My bestfriend ijat is pregnant. my sis in law is also pregnant. Ramai lagi..
And they keep updating me on the pregnancy progression.. it's wonderful Alhamdulillah. Due date baby Ijat sama dengan due date baby kakak..25th July. Tapi baby ijat kuat tendang, berguling2 and mcm2 lg projek dlm perut..seperti kata Ijat :p Tapi baby kakak the movement is negotiable..a flutter.. Kakak scanned her baby.. it's a GIRL :D.. and ijat?? a BOY. hehe. patutla baby ijat ganas, BOY rupanya..and kakak's girl is more sopan, malu2 gitu hehe.

Kakak went to a Diagnostic centre, paid for a 3D scan..and know what? she (the baby) is so cute..she looks just like the mother!!!!!!! and sibuk juga menendang and tutup muka dengan tangan.. and chubby..rasa nak cubit2. she got the pic framed, and a cd with the recording of the scan (it was a 45 minutes scan)

Abang? Abang sangat excited tengok gambar 3D baby kakak, and semakin galaklah menyatakan keinginannya utk mendapat baby hahaha. He became even more excited bila tengok gambar baby nihlah (haha abang, org saje2 je tunjuk, dia pulak excited lebih2 :p)

And me? Aku semakin teruja tengok barang2 baby for my first niece insyaAllah :) As usual window shopping online, sambil in the same time promote to Asma and Ummi utk beli brg baby :) The definite choice: PINK!! Really can't wait for the baby. And I start to read dengan rajinnya (melebihi kerajinan membaca Kanski) on the tips to educate a child.. untuk menetapkan hati... mana tahu rezqi kami pula lepas ni..? :'P insyaAllah


Dancin' Daffodilys said...

dah jumpe k byk mende yg nk kasi adiah kat baby kakak..hehehe
baby ckp: aunty mummy, bli yg bes2 n comel2 lah..hehehe

asma' said...

yes! im excited to see amat's twin too!!! hahaha...