11 hari yang lama

Alhamdulillah revision week has officially started :) Alhamdulillah that I manage to reach this point..Alhamdulillah for the trip back to KL tomorrow [wide smile :D]. Still not in the mood to do some revision despite abang's continuous advice.. it has been a while since anybody advised me to study :D i think ummi & abah surrendered doing that starting when i was in primary school hehe.

I still don't have any strategy on how should I study the subjects of all 5 postings huu, despite that I manage to make few notes, mainly on Anaesthesiology and Opthalmology. 1 thing I am most sure is, I should be home first, then perhaps the neurons will start to work :D

Abang and me has started the countdown again..rindunya hati ini pada abang... hambarnya hari2 yg dilalui tanpa abang.. life is indeed a cycle. when I opened my inbox, I read our countdown sms before I went to Jordan in January. SMS yg abg bg 3 minggu sebelum berangkat..10 hari sebelum berangkat..SMS from abg wishing me good luck for Ortho exam, another SMS when I was on my way back to KL, when I was about to board the plane and encountered so many probs..then another sms when he was so relieved that i managed to board.. when I was in Doha.. and finally when I had arrived in Queen Alia Airport (Jordan)..then the sms when I left Jordan...when I read those farewell smses, kesayuannya masih terasa..

Skrg bila abg kata "3 minggu lagi ayang"'s indeed a cycle :D..13 hari lagi..12 hari lagi..11 hari lagi... I manage to give a feeble smile.. 11 hari yg lama!

Today we have CPR course.. alhamdulillah I've passed the exam and obtained the license..license as a CPR practitioner.. eventhough I don't know when will I need that skill..and should 1 day I need it..entah ingt atau tidak.. at least..whether I will still have the confidence to do it..

Post-CPR course, I waste my time in the library.. niat nak revise Dermato for tomorrow..but I write this instead. Still not in the mood for revision... Hopefully tomorrow and the subsequent tomorrows will be better.. :D

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