An excerpt from life..

Thursday marks the 2nd last day of this week, which happens to be the 2nd last week of specialized posting. And me? Definitely I can't wait for it to be over huu.. having chronically intoxicated my group mates with the word "Malasnye.." (which I happen to use not infrequently for the past 3 months)

Having just presented an ophthal seminar this morning, and waiting for another presentation in 20 minutes time.. reviewing the slides should be the only reason I'm stuck in the library cc, and yet I am being naughty leaving some imprint in the blog huu..

I think I have reached the stage when time takes time to move on, well it decides to stay there, and lock me in a frame where I can scream for the calendar to at least flip to the next page! That was when I decided blog hopping is actually interesting :) Stumbled upon a blog entry on Isteri Solehah, I ponder upon the 1 year journey which we (my husband and I) have hand-in-hand traversed. It doesn't feel that long.. something that only a couple who lives far away from each other will understand :)

Treating both matters as a solitary topic, staying far from a husband doesn't grant me the passport to be free from the responsibility of a wife. Well that is one thing I learnt the hard way hehe. And now I have no other choice but to grievingly admit.. it is hard to be a good wife when one is far from the husband. Abang will eagerly say yes if I ask the question, "I make your life miserable when I'm not with you, am I not?" (of course trying to ignore that I make his life miserable when I'm with him as well uhuh- [a bitter small laugh which sounds like a barking cough] Handling the emotional bizarre of 2- yup definitely that is what a husband has to do [wide, cheeky smile], wolfing down all the blames from the wife (at least if the husband perceives all the wife's whinings as blames when the gynae species actually adopt whining as some kind of a hobby) hoping it will reach the rectum fast, trying to make a perfect futuristic plan for the family including kids..and the wife does nothing to make the whole picture better?? that is sooo unJUST!! ahh, probably i'll try to be better huuu...

[crying and crying] abang, lama laa nak habis exam..

[trying to console] tak lama.. 3 minggu je lagi ayg akan ada disisi abang insyaAllah

[not consoled] lama.. ayang rasa lama 3 minggu tu..masa tak gerak2 pun

[fed-up] a'ah abg pun rasa lama laa...

haaa life can sometimes be so funny :p

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