Borang Muhasabah Umar al-Khattab

This very idea is not my is Dr Raja's. The name Borang Muhasabah Umar al Khattab was also given by him.. So I just do my duty to propagate it..

The problem with most medical students is..they do not know what they do not know.. So he told us to create this form..fill in the 'disease' column with some of the common diseases (me going to check it in the ward, they do have a list :p), then every day for each of the diseases, if you can recall (recall as in you have memorized it and try to give some output) the other subtopics namely the pathophysio, sign & symptoms etc (but I just add the clerking and short cases part to make sure I do my clinical duty haha), tick in the box..then by the time you want to sit for the pro know how to study efficiently and avoid redundancy while unconsciously abandoning some other important happy studying :)

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