Nothing much

Thursday is reaching the end..and Friday is about to wave welcome :D geee I AM truly happy about that...but simultaneously anxious for my revision that doesn't progress well ~sigh~ :(

[blackout. i mean the electricity was cut off ]

Alhamdulillah it's already friday!!! :D Planning to swim with Kakak just to make the time passes by even quicker hehe..


swimming pool was closed! and instead of burning few hundred calories, i encouraged the depositn of few fat cells, while in the same time secretly hoping the extremely hot weather will produce some effect on the calory-burning thingy.. at least i swam in my sweat while sleeping huu

it's almost Saturday! [wide smile], 6 more days to go! and it seems impossible to finish revising [a flicker of regret].. well..nothing much i can do about that.. at least i have tried.. managed to finish few notes Alhamdulillah.. hopefully those who utilize the notes will pray for my success as well hehe (I am solely depending on His mercy right now..)

Ask me, whether I feel anxious about the exam (especially when everybody is sweating while reluctantly approaching the exam and I am grinning all the way doing the countdown!) Truth is, I think I am the MOST ANXIOUS person..because I desperately need the elective posting huuu (should I fail , I have to do remedial here in Malaysia..) alas what can a helpless 'abd do other than placing the hope in the Almighty... and I am sure He will give us the best insyaAllah :) though sometimes the best is the hardest thing to accept

tonight I make a point to watch Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 with Asma'.. not knowing how will the movie affect me in anyway.. I hope it will :)

Do pray for pray for us pray for all the muslims :)

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