Alhamdulillah I am done with the 1st week of Ophthal posting, and have just finished the e-logbook for the first week. Definitely it is the best logbook i'll ever have.. something similar to a blog or a diary?? It's 6.30pm am I am still in the library..trying to make some computerized Ophthal notes~ urghh trying to avoid a dreadful weekend. I actually should go home (in Kuantan) now and do some cleaning and washing..but home is where the dreary feeling flourish. Especially when my housemate is happily riding the bus to KL huuu it gets to be very lonely. And the other housemate- her family's coming

Sorry for the pessimism. But everybody seems to belong.. I went back home during lunch and saw a neighbour- a family who was busy packing things into their car..balik kampung probably. And I have this miserable ENT stuff tomorrow :( Now I really hate medicine, and I really hate Kuantan. I hate the CPR course on monday of revision week, and I extremely hate the dermato exam during the revision week.. I just want to be home.....

But in the grave, we'll definitely be alone..

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ad. Lucidus said...

*pat pat*

...Boss-dude. _Sikit_ je lagik.

Btw, e-logbook = best logbook ever? I agree 100%. XD