Another dragging 2 weeks of ophthal..before another extra-dragging 1 week for revision (T_T)..the final exam... and poofff to Jordan again insyaAllah. ENT viva wasn't that well uhuks but I still treat myself to a weekend at home :D Anticipating a bleak future for the next few weeks [it's became even nastier once we were informed of a dermato exam, a CPR course and what not which will be held during revision ~sigh~ when I have carefully planned for a wonderful breakaway period in Shah Alam :( ]

Attended an Orthopaedic CPC on friday, was surprised by the degree of orthopaedic knowledge loss from my brain huuu.. Well in just almost 3 months, all the terms sounded very strange.. and that kinda jerked me into reality.. I don't have much time to waste before the final Pro..definitely a significant shortage (at a loss) Will definitely start revising soon InsyaAllah :D

Abang is extremely busy with the USIM thingy (their 3rd year medics are visiting Jordan for some clinical experience ??? :O) and yup I have to admit I hate the neglected feeling aha :p USIM, silalah balik Malaysia cepat ok. So I try to busy myself by making a brain model using plastics and cardboards huuu (definitely mcm budak tadika) and I guess I'm quite satisfied with it. 'Busying myself' is absolutely not complete without online shopping huu so I kinda raked out abang's money (again huuuu. sbnrnya abg yg berhati mulia nak belanja ok :p) for a piece of black dress (hua hua), making us poorer by RM100+ (baru-lah sibuk menyimpan duit ngan abang utk beli rumah huuu, da shopping lg). 2 solid months without abang T_T

Neurology has always fascinated me.. however, upon entering ENT posting, I had realized that I had almost forgotten the entire bulk of neurology..especially neuroanatomy.. T_T I wantED to be a neurosurgeon, so is abang.. but I can just imagine the workaholic me putting my family at stake hehe when I blend into neurosurgery.. so that's it- a dream down the drain. But never mind, one should study lillahitaala, and I guees that's adequate for me right now, even though I have to postpone housemanship for a year T_T hint2x again


anisSsYahIDA said...

kak maryam pregnent ke?..
hehe..(ape punya soalan daa~)

Ummu Ameer said...

eh takdela anisSyahida :) nanti kalau ade berita best akak mesti umum kat sini :p