It is hard to eradicate negativism

I am full of negativism thus the not so bright a step of writing here.. The dose of specialized has become so intoxicating.. and I am trying to find the antidote in a place called a kitchen.. guess what? I actually sold pudding in fruit cocktail (credit to a groupmate who implanted that very idea :p) and cheesecake.. Ahh I really need to drive back to make a perfect escape.. at least to feed the neurons with some medical stuff ~sigh~ Finsihed 4 mystery novels last week- guess I purposely tried to forget the textbooks for a while.. and swam my way in the drowning tears.. ahh abang is so faraway ~sigh again~

A not-so-brilliant start in ENT.. and definitely a dreadful first experience on my first ENT clinic day.. was assigned to read up sodomy cases and summarize it (how uninteresting). But somehow I kinda enjoyed the short political chit chat in the attempt to catch some breath of life.. and definitely enjoyed being a brat manipulating posh english- oopss I have just realized that I released the leash on the troll in need to do that every now and then haha

I know I know, I am very vague here, but I remember hearing once that if Allah hides your 'keaiban', then why should you open up? If you commit a sin, istaghfirillah :)

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