A weekend well spent :)

A weekend well spent alhamdulillah, in the territory of my in laws.. arrived in Kuantan at 7am MONDAY after a lengthy 11 hour trip AS-KTN, I am currently in dire need of a good sleep huu.. and oh the blogging activity, it has long cessated; again the usual reason blaming the not so available internet connection and laptop huah~ Radiology posting is about to end, here comes the 3rd of 5th- Dermatology to be specific :) And next will be ENT, next will be Ophthal and next will be Abang :P Counting the days towards the final exam huuu

The business has started to outstretch its wriggly tentacles as well.. with pizza being the latest product :) The hush2 (among my gossipy sisters of course) of whether I really should change the course to catering instead of medicne (gah!) is excellently counterracted by my sporting mak, who gave me a first hand lesson on how to make doughnut (hehe she's really an expert in doughnut making). But currently I am so excited to learn sewing from her huu (she's also a professional tukang jahit) that I have promised myself to pay a visit to Kamdar, buy few metres of clothes, make an escape to Kedah again and produce few pieces of curtain haha. Well our sewing machine is not working, and I have tried inducing Ummi to seduce abah into buying a new one gee~ I wonder whether she's keen on doing that by the way, since she has just breathed a breath of relief once I volunteered to take the bulky bread mixer to kuantan and spare some space in the utility room for her :p (she's trying to make me bring the marble slab for chocolate making to Kuantan also, but I'm definitely not going to fall for that :D)

One thing about mak, she drives really fast! Well I wasn't aware of her reputation before (although I have known that fact much earlier) but yesterday, when we went to a run down area of chinese grocery stores, one of the apek smiled and shouted "Aiyoo Formula 1, ini Formula 1".. I couldn't help but to laugh hehe, and I said, "Semua orang pun tahu mak bawa kereta laju". She laughed as well, "Yalah, ini keleta Formula 1" she answered with a chinese slang. Well try to imagine a petite lady, wearing tudung labuh driving a white Kancil :D that's my mak! hehe

Well, I should stop now before the ramblings take a turn for the worst. may Allah helps me to do well in the exam this friday ameen.