I had a nightmare yesterday.. Abang turned into a vampire!!!.. but ironically I woke up this morning bright and cheerful haha. In the dream, there were some disgusting elements which caused me to spit mnay times, and guess what? I woke up to find my pyjamas all wet..with saliva. I actually spitted in my sleep, see how disgusting it was :p Had a long chat with kakak yesterday, and Alhamdulillah that made me feel happy. And one good news, the youngest uncle is all pepared for his engagement this weekend, but am afraid that I can't make it to Ipoh. I am actually trying to finish the slides for presentation this thursday, but surprisingly I manage to accomplish 4 slides in 4 hours!! That's the downside of not having a computer, because you can't decide where and when to do the tech-related assignments. Definitely not on my heavenly bed, anytime I like, instead I have to just make do with the un-ergonomic library chair, and the un-ergonomic library computer table..but un-ergonomic it is, I finished 4 hours straight of the daily 24-hours time credit, completed 2 anest case writeups..and currently the dermatology slides :p Alhamdulillah for that. But of course not without the blurry experience.. First you go to library CC, log into 1 of the computers and tell yourself, "Ok now that I am in front of the computer with internet connection, what do I do?" An hour spent just to get the feel of the subject. The next hour wasted in browsing aimlessly. The following hour used to overcome the word loss and blank mind.. and finally you have the fourth hour to start working on the slides, at the speed of a turtle with parkinsonism.. sigh~~~~ that is how it goes.......

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