2 weeks since the last post, definitely it's not the academic business or BUSY-ness, since I think one can never have a posting more relax or I should rather say 'more lenient' than the specialized posting huu.. but 6 weeks without abang are enough to drive me insane. Usually within the 1st week after separation, I'll crawl through the hardest time period, requiring him to give me phone calls numerous times in a day just to offer a lil bit of consolation. It's the acute sharp cutaneous pain. The following 3 weeks are the incubation period, in which I'll feel that life without abang is equally wonderful (haha kejamnya) with tolerable occasional emotional rindu-rinduan, that is something perceived as mild as a butterfly flutter. Approaching the 5th week, even the black and white radiology seems to contribute to a brighter life compared to the extremely varigated hue of dermatology..huuuu. The chronic and continuous vague visceral pain.. except that it is not vague. Something like the acute exacerbation becomes chronic. Whatever~ Daily dose of crying, the continuous sms to abang, the nightmares.. the medicine-y regret, and the extreme homesickness.. sounds like the familiar symptoms huh? Combatting the urge to grab the car key and drive 240km south bound..

I have tried to stop myself from baking for the time being, but it seems like that's the only thing I can do to make time travels faster. It's something like I wake up from sleep and feel this is the thing I should do today- do some baking, anything related to baking huu. Feel so lethargic in the middle of everything, do some complaining to abang and sleep in tears, waking up again feeling EXACTLY the same way.. GOSH I am stuck in a vicious cycle!!!

Am definitely not in the mood for swimming (although I was the enthsusiastic one to wait for the swimming pool to open) *p/s sorry ah long dude.. but definitely feel that I need some kind of diet. The girth is regretfully increasing day by day uh-uh. Most probably abang won't consent to this ahaa :p Good luck abang for today and Wednesday's exam. Do your best because definitely I need you to be back early in August without any resit of papers :D

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