Wedding miscellaneous

It feels nice (extremely actually) to enjoy post-exam quiet days in the serene ambience of our home. I'm trying to pretend that nothing big is going on (since I am not into socializing and partying that much though if the tok kadi asks me whether I would like to bring forward my akad nikah, i won't hesitate an inch to answer a definite Yes haha). My aunt has arrived from Sarawak yesterday, and here I am, blogging. 

For my short case i got a case of breech with Dr Roszaman. Hmm nothing much, and the discussion was around external cephalic version. Dr Dalia (the new lecturer) accompanied him, she was actually trying to familiarize herself with the examination system. Anyway, it was very short (as the name implies of course), I hope it was ok, enough to cover my lumpy long case. Enough of the examination dose. 

Truthfully our house is as quiet as a grave (i am obviously lying because i can hear the sound from the switched on fan). But we are expecting the arrival of relatives tomorrow. There are things which don't happen as planned earlier. Upset? A bit. But never mind, Allah is the best planner :)

I think I've passed the hectic part for the wedding (though I think the next hectic episode starts tomorrow whooa this is so nightmarish), and as for now the only thing I'd love to do is enjoying this end of year 3 holiday to the fullest!

Come to think about it, I have finished my Year 3 MBBS which means I am now a Year 4 student. Is that important? Because I don't feel the slightest 'brainier than a week ago' when I was in Year 3 hmmm. However Year 4 promises a brighter med student life for me. I really can't wait for Year 4 to start! Ah-long dude adekah kita akan sama posting?? Really hoping for it...


ad. Lucidus said...
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ad. Lucidus said...

Boss-dude, hopefully we'll be in the same posting 'coz it has been ages since we last ber-komplot together...and God Knows that I need you to force me to study properly! >_<||

anyhow, work hard with your wedding preparations. such business doesn't come that often (fortunately)...

'atiqah said...

Salam maryam. sejujurnya, nak attend wedding kamu, tp tkah br hbs posting attachment kt pharmaCy outlet nih. Hari ahad depan (ur big day! ^_^) br nak ambil semula report yang akan dinilai oleh puan pharmacist tu..

Em, all in all..tkah kirim doa ye =)

Barakallahu laka, wabaraka 'alaika wajama'a bainakuma fil khair.

Ameen, Ya Rabb!

tenang aja deh! =)

Ummu Ameer said...

ok, tq tikah :)