Very short

Why does this blog still exist? Because previously I have written on how lame I am in handling separation, including with this blog.

Thus after extensive conference and discussion, ALHAMDULILLAH, my application to write here is granted!!! Not that it would mean anything to anybody by the way, but it means everything to me :)

BUT with 1 condition:

Continue writing only after marriage! Uhuh? Syarat apekah ini?? Let it be, because in the end it still signifies that blogging will be continued after marriage insyaAllah :) 

So, holiday for another 3 weeks :) Till then.. sayonara H.A.C.O.C


The Story Teller said...

alhamdulillah..happy to see you here back sis..^_^
really happy T_T
missed your words of advices..
congrats (again) for your wedding day..^_^ ~ RUQAIYAH

Mar said...

hehe...bagus2 =)

Wada Adam said...

Yeah!!! Suka sgt yg maryam will continue to write this blog even after kawin...hehehe :) bestnye...bestnye...kita suka bc blog maryam :)