Written 8 days before my wedding haha

This was written 8 days before my marriage..

8 more days to go before I will be officially tied to A'thiq. Feeling? Stressful & Worried. Stressful? Yup, i think it's the continuum of yesterday's incident.. I smsed him, asking his whereabout. Told me that he was about to board the plane. Yeay Alhamdulillah! Abah told me to delay my plan to go back to Kuantan tomorrow morning. So the latest plan is to buy Shah-Alam Kuantan ticket, Saturday 9am.

Abah will fetch him from KLIA tomorrow morning. In the first place, he asked me to go to the airport with him, then he changed his mind. Feeling? I do miss him a lot and badly want to see him but.... i'd rather meet him for the first time after a long period, on our wedding day.. and i'd rather talk to him for the first time as his wife.. why? I'm dead afraid of the emotional outburst.

He called me this evening but I refused to answer. Why? Again it's the emotional outburst. I was worried that I might have cried when I listened to his voice through the phone. Why? Simply because I miss him so much, a fact that I have never shared with him

A friend called me just now, but again I refused to answer.Why? Not in the mood. I am currently extremely insane!

He told me to log into his Yahoo account for I was assigned to do something.. accidentally saw an email folder entitled Zaujahku Sayang (My beloved wife) containing all my emails. Oooppsss probably he forgot about that when he asked me to log into his account huhu. Feeling? My Lord, that was the last thing I need!! Currently in such a rindu-rindu state, I wouldn't want any induction dose sigh~

8 more days to go?? I just can't wait for his first husbandly kiss hehe. My exams? errrrr forgot bout that... :p

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