It's the Wedding season!

I think it's the wedding season. I attend wedding receptions almost every weekend!

2nd May: K. Dayah + Ust Elmi in Sepang Please click here for more story :) 

*Attended this one but I had no pics

15th May: Akad K.Ac + Abg Azreen Please click here for more story

*Didn't attend

31st May: K.Nadia + Dr Azlan

*Didn't attend because it was so far away in Perak For more Pics please click here

4th June: K.Tasnim + Solah  in Kelantan

*Didn't attend due to logistic prob :p

5th June: K.Ac + Abg Azreen Kelantan 

*Didn't attend due to logistic prob too

6th June: Abang Azreen + K.Ac in Kelantan

*Again, didn't attend

6th June: Ipin + 'Atikah in Ampang Please click here for more story

*Didn't attend because tak tahu jalan

6th June: K.Sarah + Abg Rif'an in Shah Alam

*Didn't attend because I went out with ummi & abah

7th June: Ijat + Amir in Klang

*Attended this one, Alhamdulillah :)

13th june: K. Fatimah Hidayah & Ust Taufik

*Didn't attend because it was in Kedah huu so far away

14th June: Sakinah & Bukhoree

*Attended this one also

15th June: Amir & Ijat in Johor Please Click Here

*Didn't attend because I have attended the one in Klang hehe

20th June: Amalina + ?? in Terengganu Please Click Here

*Sorry adik for not attending.. my exam is just around the corner huu 

20th June: Ust Taufik & K.Fatimah Hidayah

*Didn't attend as well huhu

27th Jun: K. Mazwani & Ust Ubaidillah

*Didn't attend because if I attend then I'll be missing from mine hehe

27th June: My wedding insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah Please Click Here


4th July: Ezy (Mimi's Sister) + Halim

*Planning to attend with A'thiq insyaAllah :)

18th July: K.Mawarni + Sham in Balok, Kuantan Please Click Here

*Can't attend because hantar Athiq kat klia.. back to Jordan :(

Anymore??? :)

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