How was the exam? Ok? COurse not!

So it is a day post-final-exam, I'm writing again though initially I planned to continue writing after my wedding. I have been blogging for the past 3 quiet weeks- with the only difference I save them as drafts. Reading again the pieces, I couldn't find any reason to publish them save few relevant ones huu it was the usual habit- writing nonsense.

And again my habit of writing on exams- so here goes. The best thing about our exam is, it takes only 2 days! With the first day being examined on the theory part (MCQ & PMP), second day caters the clinical aspect. I was very lucky to have my second day of exam on tuesday rather than on wednesday cause it merely means 1 whole day less for the anxiety to cause cardiomyopathy and damage my fast-beating heart.

MCQ was ~ err no comment. PMP (I don't know what do the initials stand for haha) was quite ok. It's very similar to PBL, we were given 3 cases and for each cases few questions were given (which of course we were expected to answer but that is seldom the case for me huhu). The first one was UV prolapse, 2nd was Pre-eclampsia, 3rd was antepartum haemorrhage (haha I'm giving a vague unspecific diagnosis simply because I don't have the guts to specify it :p)

As for the second day of examination, my exam started at 9am with Long Case. In this exam, I was assigned to a patient, given wonderful 60 mins to act friendly and caring to the patient though most of the time i just acted like a total irritating pest throwing basketful of privacy-breaching queries and invading her dignity by doing physical examinaition with the only justification- I'm trying to help you to become healthy...! :( , and after that a doctor would arrive at the patient's bed and ask me to present the case.

2 things that average-students (like me hoho) love to do before exam:

1. Find out the list of doctors that will take the exam (be the examiners)

2. Pray hard so that only the lenient ones will be available

2 things that average-students love to do on the exam day:

1. scan hard the doctors available in the ward

2. Pray hard that we will be taken only by the lenient ones

2 things that average-students love to do after the exam

1. Pray hard so that our examiner won't remember us for the rest of our life (The worst nightmare for me is when I meet my examiner after the exam, straightaway he/she will remember all the insane things which I have done and mentioned and written in the exam huu)

2. Walk out of the ward in a pitiful face, hoping at least the doctor will give markah kesian, meet our comrades and confess the total havoc of the exam ~sigh~

So back to my long case, I became so nervous when I saw Dr Raja Arif simply because I had a case with him during ward round once. I was dead afraid he would remember my face and have a negative perception towards me huhu. But ignoring the fact, I just went to the patient's bed, looked at her and she seemed so familiar...

Clumsily introduced myself and asked her permission to clerk her. Have I met her before? Yes.. yes.. but I simply couldn't remember.. then YES! "You were in the ward for blood transfusion.. once upon in a time" She nodded. Nightmare started to set in. She was actually Ashraf's patient which I borrowed for Hana's CEX (Haha we actually made our own CEX), and I clearly remebered that Ashraf tried to confuse Hana by telling her it was a case of Leaking Liquor (siap reka cerita lg the amount of leaking) when actually it was a case of anemia in pregnancy + HIV positive. Ok I am not prepared for this.. for HIV case. 

"Kali ni masuk hospital kenapa? Tambah darah lagi ke?" 

"Eh taklah, masuk sebab kencing manis la"

"Ha?????????????" She answered as if her diabetes was like any of her other problems.. so gaily.

I was hoping for a case of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes complicating pregnancy but DEFINITELY NOT THIS KIND OF DIABETES

GDM under diet control, moderate grade anemia with Hb of 7, AIDS on atiretroviral treatment.. what more could I hope for?.....

During the discussion, I tried to steer the direction towards GDM but the examiner (Dr Bahyah) was far more interested in the severe anemia (+ discussion on heart failure) + labouring patient with retroviral disease. I was a complete flunker! Reality is, I flunked almost all of the exam haha (though the Drs sympathized with me and allowed me to pass)

I'll write on shortcase later...


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mantap gler ah blog reading ur postsssssss..pas kawen jg retired plak=)

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