Aku yang suka merapu

Sebelum aku meneruskan dengan celoteh kali ni, i would like to apologize to anybody yang ceritanya termasuk dalam artikel kali ni..

Once I had a very close friend.. sama-sama di matrik UIA dulu.. dulu she read biological science. i read medicine. she got married as soon as she graduated from matric. so she went to UIA gombak. her husband was doing (and is currently) Economics.

So at one time, there was a major shift in UIA. Those who are doing biological sciences, mathematics, biomedics etc had to transfer to Kuantan, from Gombak. This friend, she changed her course from biological science to Engineering for the sole purpose- she wanted to stay in Gombak with her husband! At that time, i thought her decision was kind of weird. Gombak and Kuantan are separated by 240 kilometres only, why bother to change course when she had spent 1 year doing biological science? But nevertheless, the decision was hers, so i didn't say anything about it.

Then she got a baby, her baby was very cute!!! she took her first maternity leave. So she had to postpone her academic semester. Again I felt weird. Why bother to have baby back then and postpone the study? Why couln't she just complete her study, and leave UIA for good, 
then she can have as many babies as she wants.. 
But again the decision was hers, so i didn't say anything about it.

Then she got pregnant for the second time. I'm sure her second baby is going to be cute too!!! I adore her babies so much. Undoubtedly, I felt weird.. but I just let that thing pass..

And she changed her Course again from Engineering to Economics. She said her husband could teach (tutor) her, and that would be more menaingful.. I wondered whether she had her own interest in anything or was everything oriented towards her new family? But I just kept quiet..

She is such a great sister who always told me in the years we were together (I seldom meet her now), "Maryam, satu masa nanti Maryam akan faham" whenever I ask her anything. 
I just nodded my head whenever she delivered that line, when in my heart 
I was dead sure i would never understand..

Akak, kalaulah akak baca tulisan Maryam kali ni, akak akan tahu yang sekarang Maryam dah mula faham apa yang akak maksudkan..

Macam kisah Nabi Musa dan Nabi Khidr dalam surah al Kahfi.. (boleh rujuk Quran k)

I have just realized that in this life there are so many ways to accomplish so many things. And life is nothing near stereotyping. If I am asked now, I won't have second thought to leave medicine for a family. 
I won't hesitate to postpone my study. There are so many ways to define success, 
and there is no specific formula to calculate it!

ps: Medicine is all about hardwork, endurance and perseverance. it's not about being brainy. 
I am not hardworking and enthusiastic anymore, am I still fit for Medicine?


kak husna said...

Maryam, k.Husna ni.. Hopefully ingat lagi ya! lama tak jumpe. Well,.. u must be experiencing one of the toughest times in your life, which makes you think this way.. I pray for you to be strong..

Ummu Ameer said...

kak husna nasir ke? jazakillah akak untuk perhatian yang sangat berharga :)!! selalu terharu sebab ada ramai kakak-kakak penyayang yang selalu ambil berat.. may Allah bless u!! :)