hunched over the keyboard in the computer lab

It is now 9:27a.m. In an hour time, we are going to have class with Dr Kuan on tuberculosis and other respiratory prob (pleural diseases if i am not mistaken). Today I am feeling extremely lazy. Perhaps it is the i'm-going-home-today aura :p I have arrived in JHC (Jalan Hospital Campus) as early as 7.30. Again it's the my-parking-space thingy! And I dare to assure that I was the first person to park my car at the parking spaces along the road huhu. What is more important, I am now in the computer lab in the library, killing my time rambling some more here. The only question that should be asked, where are my friends? The sole answer is, (I think) they are trying to sink their head into the textbooks. I don't know whether they are planning to boil the books into a broth. As i guiltily headed towards the computer lab (which is located at the end of the library hall), i passed through so may familiar faces reciting the book in such a holy manner huhu. The big point here is exam is just one week away and I am planning of taking a week holiday with the onset (effective from) precisely today! -sigh sigh- malas yang melampau. I still can't accept the fact that i have to do O&G posting in few weeks time -sigh again-

And I am anxiously waiting for an answer, trying to light up the hope through my prayers, and yet preparing myself for the worst to come.. And i turn onto thee, Ya Allah. Help and guide me through this life, Grant us the eternal happiness in the hereafter..

Yang sebenarnya ku mengarut di sini kerana aku merindukan ketenangan di rumah, aku merindukan kehidupan yang terlalu akrab berdampingan dengan al-Quran dan Tuhan..sungguh aku merindukan kehidupan lalu..

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