Functioning normally!!

Entah kenapa hari ini aku selalu teringat masa dahulu..

Dan aku rindu untuk berada bersama insan-insan yang dulu selalu berdampingku..

Ahh kenangan lama..

As if I have totally forgotten that tomorrow would be my examination day! Hmm. Am I prepared for tomorrow? I don't know, and truthfully I don't ummmmmmm.. really mind.. (i don't care?? Astaghfirullah!!!)

Once somebody told me "You can't give something, when you yourself don't have anything" I wonder whether that person still remember that line or not.. but 1 thing I would like to say to that person "Yeah you are 176% correct!!!!" Why not 177%?? I don't know, ask Einstein to do his mathematics homework. O Allah, please just let this examination be my last examination here....

And Ummi keeps saying "You are always stressed because you think negatively. Try to think positive!" I said "I am always stressed because the stressor has always been there and never removed even once!!"

Please let me function normally.. 

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